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  • Hi - just a father, raconteur, and part-time gonzo journalist who tends to be a bit intoxicated by the absurdity of life. This small space is my single bubble in the champagne glass and that's ok by me. Welcome and Enjoy -

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  • "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying." W. Allen
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    Interesting that you've found some solace and calm on Twitter. So far I continue to be tied in knots after spending time there. Is it social? Voyeuristic? Narcissistic? I used to follow a few celebrities, but unfollowed them because of the "noise". I might try Snoop. I truly just DIG him. I think his perpetually stoned calm, appeals to this funky, uptight, white girl.

    If I think of any suggestions, I'll let you know.


    I am taking a break from Twitter. That's how stressed it makes me. Too much pressure to be 'on.'

    As for your post, you left out Romper Room! (Side note: My sons' elementary music teacher was ON Romper Room -- Judy Shue.)

    And what? I didn't know that Denver died that way. Whoa.


    Ricardo Montalban? The dee-o-double-g? For shizzle.

    I also recall feeling ease when listening to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song.

    I have not been able to make Twitter work for me. Mark Twain would have had the best tweets.


    Too funny as we toil with Twitter. I think it's like internet's quick, somewhat meaningless, and everyone's watching and wondering why the hell you are doing it.

    Slouchy and Chris are master bloggers though so I will take their twitter pained lead.

    Stephen - we should have a list of the people in history we would like to have seen Twitter. Like Ben Franklin.."just put the kite up in the electric storm, trying without key at end, will then !@#$!@$!@$ -----'


    Internet streaking. Nice! Enjoyed your posts, Kelly. Me, I can't do anything with the word Twit in it.... and I'm always decrying my brothers to get their noses out of their iProducts, but that's just me.

    Snoop Dog, however -- you're right on target. Dude's been a guest a few times on the daytime show where I work and his presence on set produces a great big wave of calm. I'm a fan.

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    Slouchy and Chris are master bloggers though so I will take their twitter pained lead.

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