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  • Hi - just a father, raconteur, and part-time gonzo journalist who tends to be a bit intoxicated by the absurdity of life. This small space is my single bubble in the champagne glass and that's ok by me. Welcome and Enjoy -

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  • "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying." W. Allen
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    I share SO many of these. We must be close to the same age. How about...

    ...the smell of grape Bubble Yum?
    ...the sturdy feel of a glass Coke bottle?
    ...Wacky Packs?
    ...the sound of the wheels of cheapo skateboards on the pavement?
    ...the theme song to Dallas?
    ...Wonder Dog?
    ...Mighty Mouse?
    ...Mr. French on Family Affair?
    ...Apple Jacks -- when they still tasted good?


    Great work.

    -my blue *imitation* banana seat Schwinn and our homemade ramps
    -not-so-Toughskins with patched knees
    -The Love Boat and Fantasy Island
    -Mrs. Sturkey (my second grade teacher)
    - ". . . conjunction junction, what's your function . . ."
    -The original canvas Nikes with baby blue swooshes
    -the feel and smell of sap on my tree-climbing hands
    -the sound the box of Nerds used to make in my pocket and, oh wait, Fun Dip!
    -"Uptown Girl," all things "Thriller," and, pause and slowly turn down the music, is that a pained whisper I hear: "Hello . . . is it me you're looking for?"
    -the chlorine smell and pruney fingertips accompanying my utter summer exhaustion

    Somebody please close the drawer.


    Ah, this is fun...Fun Dip and Apple Jacks (the good kind) made my day - yes, it was that kind of day. Having a glass of wine now and after the second glass I am positive I can dial up the precise smell of playdoe. Thank you for these...maybe the subtle mundane details are all that's left at the end of the day...


    Nostalgia is my drug, my juice, my crack. Loved this! We ate our TV dinners on TV trays while sitting on the couch watching "The Sonny and Cher" show. I think it was soft porn for my dad.

    I read something recently that said it's difficult for us to remember faces. Like you, I have vivid memories. I can remember someone's arm hair or distinctive fingernails, but I have to look at a photo to remember facial details. So I look at old photos... a lot.

    Fun read, Kelly. Now go find a nice photo of your grandmother, and enjoy.


    Time to do another post biatch.


    Please inspire me Hack, I am lost in a cycle of mediocrity...


    You can't find a sweet ride like your blue Schwinn anymore. What a good ride. That banana seat was "lazyboy-esque" compared to the seats of today!

    School House Rock rock(ed)s!!

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