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  • Hi - just a father, raconteur, and part-time gonzo journalist who tends to be a bit intoxicated by the absurdity of life. This small space is my single bubble in the champagne glass and that's ok by me. Welcome and Enjoy -

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  • "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying." W. Allen
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    Mama Jude

    Call me, while dressed like a pirate, use the word "quixotic" in conversation, and mention that you are NOT listening to Lady Gaga (and I won't be either!).


    I'm going to borrow your new words. Funny! I advise against using the papery seat covers. I think it's wiser to engage your quad muscles and simply hover. Please tell me you don't SIT on the public seats WITHOUT a papery seat cover. I'll light a candle for you. [Germaphobe, here.]

    Haven't worked on my 2010 resolutions because I'm still cleaning up things from 2009. But I feel inspired after reading this post. Many thanks, new friend. :-)


    Nice. Happy New Year's, Hoss.

    If I make it your way this year, I'll leave the Blue Curaçao at home.


    Count me in. I would like to adopt your practice of making Resolutlets to help me better cope with the "Resolutionites." The Resolutionites (a moniker of my own creation) are the pesky and disruptive buggers who, for a couple weeks in Janaury, make their annual early morning treks to the gym and wreak havoc on the workouts of the regulars. My Resolutet is to be supportive, if not downright helpful, to at least one of the Resolutionites as he or she scans the equipment up, down, and around to figure out how to operate it.

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