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  • Hi - just a father, raconteur, and part-time gonzo journalist who tends to be a bit intoxicated by the absurdity of life. This small space is my single bubble in the champagne glass and that's ok by me. Welcome and Enjoy -

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  • "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying." W. Allen
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    Interesting. I wonder how "this demure Belgian" is going to fare.


    So, I wonder who's REALLY holding the position... Love your pics and cartoon bubble!


    Hmmm. What, pray tell, will sprout from this Brussels' brother?

    And another thing -- how does Belgium feel about having to share their Head Honcho with the rest of the rabble? I.E. what will be the impact on chocolate quality control? I see this as a lose-lose.


    Nice point, I am now worried about beer production as well...too much for the Belgians to focus on. Maybe they should move to a common currency, common beer, and common chocolate bar?

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